Saturday, October 31, 2009


Today it's halloween and the last day of October. I would have had my 4th book submitted by now but I am having such a hard time with the manuscipt not being corrupted ---it is taking so much time. I have redone the manuscript on WORD 3 or 4 times and still it is corrupted in some way that the pdf file won't format correctly.

The boys are out trick or treating with the neighbor children. We have had 35 to 40 kids so far and it has been fun. The ward (church congregation) fall festival yesterday was a great success. There were close to 100 people there and many brought friends. There were lots of pots of chili, the games were well played and the trunk or treating was really fun. A new addition to the festivities was the Young Men's Truck of Terror haunted house. One of the parents had a big truck which they transformed into a haunted house. Pretty funny. It threatened to rain all night but didn't at all until 10:30pm after we got home. Good timing.
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