Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Musings on Motherhood.....


I know this is somewhat late in promoting. I was so tied up with a new job and my daughter's graduation--(homeschool parents are in charge of their own) that I could not properly promote this before Mother's Day.

So I thought that since Father's Day is coming up this would be a great gift for fathers as well because after all ---being a parent is being a parent and it might help fathers understand mothers better.

Susan Law Corpany has been through many trials and tribulations yet sees a lot of experiences through a funny sense of humor.  A cross between Erma Bombeck and Erma Bombeck.  Just a hoot and if you are having a crummy day it will be a much better one because of this book.

Musings on Motherhood is written by Susan Law Corpany who is a great writer friend and has a series of interesting novels about a widow---which I can relate to. Read this in either paper back or kindle version.

From the back cover:

Served alongside her breakfast in bed, this "momoir" will make any mother less inclined to notice the burnt toast, runny eggs and limp bacon. Warm and fuzzy like a pair of comfy slippers, but with a lollipop stuck to them. There is something here for anyone who has ever been a mother or had a mother.

So regardless of what holiday it is---buy this book.  It will do you some good!!!

Where to buy this wonderful book!!!!
  Or if you like the Kindle Version for 99 cents that is good too!

Another Great Review of Susan's Book!!!