Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A whirlwind December

The month has flown by with all the plans of our trip to Utah and Arizona. The first most important event was Isaac and Rebekah's wedding scheduled for December 22nd, at the Bountiful Temple. My brother and his wife had just bought the house they were planning on moving into and let us stay there while they were on their way to Utah. We drove through Wyoming and a snow blizzard to get their as well but we all made it safely so we could attend all the festivities. A bridal shower on Monday, Bekah's endownment session on Tuesday and Isaac's groom's dinner Tuesday night then Wednesday was the big day and we saw them married at 10:30am. The president of the Bountiful temple sealed them and it was a wonderful ceremony. Then 6:30 that night was the reception with a Jewish type ring ceremony which touched everyone's hearts.

The next day we packed up and drove to Mesa, Arizona area for Christmas with Sarah and Drew and girls. It was really a fun time and there was no snow.... Bright sunny skies and warmer weather. It was a great trip and we made it home safe and sound.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Old Loxley Hotel

We are working on aquiring The Old Loxley Hotel and have made some advances this week. I am applying for a non-profit statis and will be writing for grants to help pay for the remodeling!!!! This is exciting news as we are hoping to be ready to start at the beginning of the year.

We really need to be quick as the one side of the roof has leaks and we want as little damage as possible. The first order of business will to finish that roof area where it leaks and then level the foundation!!!

Stay tuned for further news flashes......