Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bishopric Member Opens Pandora's Box

September 5th....
I was just notified that the below member--Mitch Mayne was called to be the Executive Secretary in his ward.  Some might consider this calling a part of the Bishopric but I do not.  He is an Executive Secretary which is mostly administrative work in the office. Sorry for the misinformation. Here is the original post:

Over the last week, there has been a flurry of blogs, comments and discussion about a man who was called to be a counselor in the Bishopric for the Bay Ward, San Francisco, California Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  
Normally this would not be an issue or a big deal but this particular man has publicly announced that he is openly gay and has been called to this position of Priesthood leadership.  Reading further on his statement, we find out that he was in a relationship with another man but had broken it off over a year ago because of other issues. 
Yesterday I spent several hours reading the comments and discussion of what other members and former members of the Church wrote about his occasion and there seems to be a misunderstanding with some about this whole situation.
I felt very strongly to write about it on my own blog and post what I think is a fair assessment of what is happening.  I am not a spokesman for the Church but I would like to support all Priesthood leaders in their inspired decisions and I feel that this is one of those decisions. I found the original writing of Mitch Mayne which I posted below so you can read what he has to say for himself along with a picture he includes on his website. 
Re-post of Original Writing From Mitch Mayne:
"I am Mitch Mayne, and I am an openly gay Latter-day Saint.
On August 14, 2011, I was sustained as a member of the Bishopric in the Bay Ward of the San Francisco Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons).
I accepted this calling because of the opportunity it presents me to serve my Savior and my community. And, I accepted this calling as my authentic self: A gay man who loves his Savior, loves his Mormon family, loves his counterparts within the LGBTQ community, and recognizes himself to be completely whole as I am—just as my Father made me.
Up until a year ago, I was in a committed, monogamous relationship with my partner of several years. I wore a wedding band. I attended church and held callings within my ward. But, life is not without its own twists and turns, and I had to leave my partner for a variety of reasons, none of which had to do with pressure from the church. It was, without question, the most painful decision I’ve ever made.
As a result, my current circumstances provide me with a unique opportunity to serve in a Priesthood leadership role within my community. Will that always be the case? Perhaps not. I will likely not be single forever, but I am now by choice—given where I am in my own personal healing process.
I am open to a relationship if fate brings that my way. I am not committing to a lifetime of celibacy; I am committing to adhere to the same standard of behavior that we require of any heterosexual member in a Priesthood leadership position. And, I am committed to being completely forthcoming and transparent about my relationship status with my leadership.
I understand that for my gay Mormon brothers and sisters and those who support them both inside and outside our faith, there is special meaning here: For it demonstrates that not only do we as gay Mormons have a home within our faith if we so choose, but that we also have a path.
It is a humbling honor to be asked to serve in this capacity, and I am grateful for a Church leadership that views me as an asset that can help serve our community. Nonetheless, I am simply an ordinary man, blessed to have been placed in extraordinary circumstances. And as such, a man who is willing to bring that experience to bear to help others as they strive to find their place within the gospel, and within the Mormon family."
Some of the discussion given elsewhere say the Church should apologize to those of same-sex groups who felt they were ostracized by Church Priesthood leaders telling them that this practice is sinful which according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ-- if anyone participates intimate relationships outside the bonds of legal and lawful marriage is considered a sin .  See link below.
Some discussion included members in good standing who were shocked by this calling because of how Brother Mayne presented his voice as one who will eventually go back to the same sex lifestyle in the future.  This has been very disconcerting. But the fact remains that he is worthy now.  I was somewhat frustrated by those comments of many who could not understand why Brother Mayne was called.  
He was interviewed by his Priesthood leaders and found worthy to be in this calling. That is it!!!  Under the direction of his Priesthood leaders he is worthy to fill this calling. Which means he is worthy to attend the temple; which means he pays tithing, is honest in all his dealings, supports all Priesthood leadership and has a testimony of Jesus Christ.
What Brother Mayne has posted in his statement about "not living a life of celibacy forever" was probably not a good idea as it sounds like  these Church leaders have a double standard but the fact remains he has been worthy for at least a year and has been forgiven his sins. The fact of the matter is he does validate his statement saying that he has chosen the same worthy behavior of those who are Priesthood leaders.  That should say enough.  He is worthy to hold this position and no apologies are necessary from anyone.
I believe I understand why  Brother Mayne would post such a statement publicly. First and foremost, he wanted  those of the same-sex orientation to know that he was loved by the Lord and wanted them to experience this as well .  He expressed concern over the many less active members of his ward--and every where around the country-- that there is a place of comfort and peace in church attendance.
I have a strong testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which I practice through my membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I know that those Priesthood leaders would not act in contrary to gospel principals.  I know Brother Mayne was called under inspiration to serve in his ward.  I hope all who read this will have a better understanding of this situation.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let me sum up......

 I found this absolutely wonderful blog through my wonderful friends on Facebook (Prepper Chicks) who posted this blog online for everyone to visit. So I went to visit it and saw all the wonderful things this 20- something year old girl posted and I thought....I need to do that!!!  So I'm going to post the sum of what I canned this summer. Why? I'm glad you asked. For one, it makes me feel good about myself that I can preserve the food that we have grown in our garden with our own grubby hands and two, I feel good about myself that I can preserve the food that we have grown in our garden..........oooopps. I think I said that already. Anyway--I am going to post all the food I canned this summer.  Enjoy this link below.  It is really cool!!!!
Last year's garden!!!


What I canned this summer:
18 quarts peaches
6 quarts dill pickles
8 quarts salsa--this was so good. We have only one jar left already.  I need to make some more.
1 quart dried cilantro
Last year we had a bumper crop of plums and I did about 20 pints of plum jam which we are still eating and I had 10 1-gallon sized zip lock bags full of blueberries for the freezer and we are still eating those!!!!  Stashing food away is so much fun because it's security against starvation!!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Spark Blogfest!!!! Writers Unite

Writers are notorious for networking together and helping each other. (I guess that is really the same thing)  It's a great field to be in and I love helping my fellow writing friends.  This particular writer--Christine Tyler sponsored a great spark blogfest (as she calls it) to get us all writing and spreading the good word about our fellow authors and how we feel about writing. The following are some questions authors are asked quite frequently and I will be glad to answer:

What book made you realize you were doomed to be a writer? 
  It wasn't a book so much as the success I had as an article writer.  Not so much a journalist--although that is what I do---but a writer who writes about the events which happen around us and how we are affected by them.  I am just hooked.  The books I have published is just the icing on the cake.

What author set off that spark of inspiration for your current Work in Progress?
  Any author who writes uplifting books about what they love.  Whether it's a biography about their life or a life changing event, I am emotionally fed by the writings of other peoples' experiences!!  My current Work In Progress (WIP) (author lingo) is a book I have wanted to write for a long time:  "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Synagogue: A Conversion Story from Judaism to Mormonism"  (if I could ever remember how to spell Synagogue) 
 Is there a book or author that changed your world view?
  There are a few authors that have changed my view of the world--- First and foremost there is the Bible and the Book of Mormon.  Those two books have changed my view of the world drastically. All those inspired men and women who wrote for the world to read have inspired me to be a better person and to pay attention to life!!!  Then Cleon Skousen who wrote several key political books (The Naked Capitalist)  about the way the world is and will become if we don't pay attention to what is really going on.  That has motivated me to write my findings on politics and government and how they affect the family.  Great stuff!!!

So there you have it!!!  A share of the Spark Blogfest with over 100 authors to date!!! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eliot is going to Kosovo

Eliot has been doing so well!!!  Not only did he and his companions have a baptism last week of two brothers, they are teaching like crazy in Albania and have another baptism this Saturday AND on top of that Eliot was called to go to Kosovo on Sunday to help open a new area.  He will be the 4th missionary called to go there and they stay for 3 or 4 transfers which is 6 to 8 weeks.  Very exciting for us all.  The capital of Kosovo is Prishtine which is where he will stay and they start teaching the people there.  It's amazing what they are doing now.  He has been very happy in Albania and has been able to travel around the country side on their days off to visit castles and places of interest.  We realized over the last week---after attending Sunday School that Eliot is teaching the gospel where Paul of old has taught. Albania is nestled between Greece and Kosovo and has the Adriatic Sea on the other side.  They were allowed to go with their Branch by bus to the beach and had a wonderful time fellow shipping all who came. He has been a great blessing to us all and we are happy he is serving the Lord.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Teaching our next driver......

This is what we did yesterday for a while and I think I have a few more gray hairs.  I know it was her first time with me but she had driven the lawn mower and driven with Eliot before so I don't know how long it will take for her to get a handle on the car but we shall see.  Maybe Jim can drive with her.......

More good news:  My next article will be featured in again and I'm hoping for a front page again as it was last time.  So exciting!!!

Justin Bashein, my nephew took a fall over a 30 foot drop this past week but is recuperating well after all the stitches.  He is healing okay but was shaken up a bit.  He had to be life- flighted  in a basket to the hospital in Ventura, California.  Hopefully he will recover fast.  Prayers to him in Ventura.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It should have been the end of the world today.....

I'm glad it is not but by the way the media was talking it should have been the end of the world as we know it!!! Our Federal government is doing all it can to bankrupt our country.  It is unbelievable to think that our own Congress---our own people who we have voted into office would be the demise of our own sovereignty. It is the beginning of the end of our lifestyle as we know it because our Federal Government does not want us to succeed.  Through the Bildaburg  Group, Illuminati and other One World Order secret combinations, we don't seem to have a chance.  So many people have worked so hard to make a wonderful life for themselves in this country and it will all be blown away from these selfish, greedy, evil, warmongers who want only what is best for themselves and not the good of the whole.

I have always tried to teach my children to do the best of the whole group but apparently not everyone feels that way. I will continue to write about what is important in our lives.  I will continue to publish my books and promote the family and all that is good in the world until I breath my last breath.

I read an interesting book yesterday.  The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck was very interesting.  I got some kind of 24 hour bug and had to stayed in bed all day.  Not good for a Monday but I was able to lay and ponder what I read and what we need to do to find a way to earn an income so we can pay our financial obligations.  It has been very frustrating for both Jim and myself to be so burdened with not having income coming in to pay for the essentials.  I cannot even think about the Hotel at this point because we cannot even take care of ourselves let alone a hotel/museum.  I need to keep trying.

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