Sunday, April 29, 2012

Emergency Preparedness

This past week and this week Fox 10 of Mobile Alabama did a special report on emergency preparedness and video taped some "preppers" and what they do.  I was included in this report and was shown on Fox 10 last Thursday and will again be on the report this coming up Thursday.

Here is the first part:

Link to the special report on emergency preparedness

Here is the second part:

Link to part 2 of the Special Report on Emergency Preparedness

Monday, April 23, 2012

Words of Wisdom......

From Pintrest--Favorite Places

I take one good look at the picture on the right and I see a life of good works......I need to remind myself of what is important, what is necessary, what is glorious in life and live it. There is something magnificent beyond the water, behind the water wheel through the front door. What kind of life lives there and loves there? It's a magical place. 
From a wonderful blog that my daughter found for me comes some great words of wisdom......

Written by Mara Wilson, this next paragraph makes great sense to me:
"Enjoy being alive. Please. Yes, sometimes life is miserable, but misery passes, and the mere fact that you are able to experience misery and happiness and anything in-between at all is astounding. Seriously: you exist, and you are able to comprehend that you exist! How many creatures can do that?! (Hint: very few. Possibly only one on this planet at this time. That is to say one species, but if you want to get into "Shirley McClain" solipsism, you are free to pretend that yours is the only independent consciousness.) I honestly believe that life is the best thing going. Well, technically speaking, it’s the ONLY thing going, but still, appreciate it. Take some time every day to remember that YOU ARE ALIVE."

With the hustle and bustle of our "busyness", we forget we are alive for a purpose on this earth. We forget what is important and why we are alive.  I include myself in this forgetfulness. I'm guilty as well and need daily reminding.  Especially when the times get tough as they are now.  Work harder, give freely, smile more and complement often. Life Is Good!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The "Mormon Moment-Um"

Karen Trifiletti
As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or Mormon Church, there is a lot of misinformation given out in entertainment, sports, websites and other news media.  As I commented in an earlier post, we are bombarded with so much misinformation in what is truth about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the only thing we as members of the Church can do is continue to tell others our true beliefs and hope they are paying attention.

One of my fellow writers, Karen Trifiletti, who is also a member of the Church, wrote an eloquent, informational article for the Deseret News about this very topic called "Mormon Moment-Um".  We as Mormons cringe when we hear misinformation spread so wide and thick which is then taken to be truth. Karen, on the other hand, has written her  true thoughts down about this topic which hits the nail right on the head.

Here is a small sample:  

"Like others, I've prayed; I've responded. I've hoped for truth to be represented. It's hard when you can't immediately backspace over an ignorant media take or flagrant fallacies about your very own genuine faith and intimate walk with Jesus Christ — and the pristine beauty of the gospel message. But we know that the Lord compensates, that civil dialogue yields great dividends and that he opens doors for his message to be shared."

 As time goes on, the only thing Mormons can do is keep writing, keep talking or keep producing truth for others to understand.  Hope you enjoy her work.

Click here to read the whole article....... 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Blessings of the Savior

This week has been a wonderful reminder for me of why we are so blessed to have a Savior.  He has died for our sins so we can return to our Heavenly Father.

Wednesday I learned of a mother in great sorrow.  She had come to the office where I work and told my boss the sad story of her son.

The Life of Jesus Christ

My boss and I have been talking about death and losing loved ones. Not losing really but they return home sooner than we expected.  I'm sure others we know --or maybe ourselves--have experienced this. This mother had experienced her son (only 21) being crushed at work by carelessness but an accident and died 6 weeks later.  It had only been a month and she spent most of her time in the office crying because the pain was still so raw. (It was hard not to cry myself) Anyway-- My boss-Phil told her and me--of this book he read recently of a man who had the gift of healing and that he learned later on in life that his mother died when she gave birth to him but then came back. As soon as she woke up--she asked her husband to get a pencil and paper and write every thing she could remember from the after life.

The one lesson she said she learned in the Spirit world was that EVERY SINGLE PERSON taken home was done with God's hand EXCEPT murder and suicide. (Probably because of free will)   Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ can help all of us with the pain but for those who have been carrying around the guilt that if they only did something different ---that person who is gone would be here.  I believe this to be true.  We don't know God's plan for us and Phil felt better because his mother passed away a few years ago and he blamed himself because of the situation.  

But that is not the end of the story.  Jesus Christ has paved the way for us to return to our Father in Heaven in righteousness.  He was unselfish enough to give up His life for us to find ours.

Today I was informed of one of my writer friends in my American Night Writer's Association Chapter--The Writer's Room has experienced her 12 year-old daughter passing away from an accident as well.  So sad to hear of good children returning home before we are ready. But the Savior can help us with our sorrows and our pains. Elizabeth Wagner lived a short 12 years but blessed others in her life with spending time with them.

Remember Jesus on Easter Day and always....