Saturday, October 31, 2009


Today it's halloween and the last day of October. I would have had my 4th book submitted by now but I am having such a hard time with the manuscipt not being corrupted ---it is taking so much time. I have redone the manuscript on WORD 3 or 4 times and still it is corrupted in some way that the pdf file won't format correctly.

The boys are out trick or treating with the neighbor children. We have had 35 to 40 kids so far and it has been fun. The ward (church congregation) fall festival yesterday was a great success. There were close to 100 people there and many brought friends. There were lots of pots of chili, the games were well played and the trunk or treating was really fun. A new addition to the festivities was the Young Men's Truck of Terror haunted house. One of the parents had a big truck which they transformed into a haunted house. Pretty funny. It threatened to rain all night but didn't at all until 10:30pm after we got home. Good timing.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Watching Arthur......

Today, (October 9th) Matt and Tasha had the opportunity to work down at the beach so I watched Arthur for about six hours. He is really a cutie. He is starting to smile and make baby noices. Yesterday, Sarah and Drew, Pat and Jeff, Matt and Tasha and myself --Jim couldn't make it---all met together at the Oyster House in Gulf Shores and ate lunch together. It was really fun. Matt's Dad, Bud Morris is the manager down there and was so nice. He sent a few platters of appetizers for us. It was so good. I was so full.

My Birthday.......

About a month ago, (September 6th) I turned 50 years old. It was hard to imagine that I was that old but live went on just the same and I don't look much older than 35. So I'm happy with my life. I did want to have some kind of celebration so Sarah said don't worry about anything---everyone will pitch in. So with my birthday on Sunday, I figured we would do something on Saturday. I really want to go to Lamberts in Foley.

Thursday came around and we went to the Bozemans for a night of dominoes. That was fun because Jessie and Katy were there with their children. We all ate dinner together--Lydia, Moses and Henry included.

Friday we went to the Delgatos for an evening of swimming and eating. That was fun too. But Saturday morning I woke up to take the dogs out and I saw a girl coming out of the bathroom. This girl looked familiar and I realized it was Sarah. She had surprized me by flying home for the weekend. So we all had a great time on Saturday. We did get to go to Lamberts as well. What a weekend. It was so much fun. The only bad thing was that I had to drive Sarah to the airport in New Orleans so I couldn't stay at church on my birthday but that's okay. When I got home, everyone was there to say happy birthday including Jeff and Melonie Holifield. That was a surprize!!!

The picture here is of Jeff, Melonie, Arthur sitting on Melonie's lap, Naomi and Jon reading his book. It was a fun time the whole weekend.

The Next Book..........

Now that I have Home Is Where The Heart Is back in circulation and Home Is Where The Learning Is: Homeschool Lifestyles from Homeschool Moms also out I had another book I wanted to publish. It's called Of One Heart: Being Single in the LDS World. I finally finished it and I'm tweeking it a bit so it will be perfect. This is the cover that Lydia painted for me in watercolor and I scanned it and did a little bit more with it before I put it on the cover. It was perfect. When I recieved my proof in the mail I was so overwhelmed at how good it looked. I just needed to fix the internal part to make that perfect. It should be out at the end of the month of October. I think it will be successful as well.
Wednesday I helped the Young Women finish off the quilt for Ayna Delgato and it looked really great. It has been a full week.

Republishing my first book

It has been an exciting couple of weeks. I have had the opportunity to re-publish my first book: Home Is Where The Heart Is that I did in 2002. I had the cover redone and it looks much better. This is the cover design that Rhonda Wolverton did for me and the back cover looks great too. I am really going to promote this book as soon as it is done at
I fixed all that typos and added my website there so it will be a great blessing to anyone who wants to read it. There are several who are interested in buying it and will get the chance towards the end of the month.
Soccer has started up for Moses and Henry and we have been busy driving back and forth to Robertsdale where the practices are played. Henry practices at the Loxley Elementary School playground. It's been a busy couple of weeks.

The fall is finally here.........

After it cooled down a few weeks ago, we were all excited to have the fall weather and enjoy the normal October activities but then it got very hot again. So much for fall right now. Sarah and Drew with the two girls are here to visit for a week instead of coming for Christmas. So we have been driving back and forth to Gulf Shores to see everyone and swim in the Gulf. It has been fun but I forgot to take pictures. That's the problem with cameras, you have to remember to take pictures. I will on Sunday when everyone is here.

Sunday, everyone will come over to celebrate Naomi's and Tasha's Birthday together. We will skype Isaac so the only one left not here will be Caleb. He is doing well and is not in the mountains of Mexico with a small branch and country air. He has already seen a shephard boy with a goat herd. Very interesting. More to come.