Friday, October 9, 2009

The fall is finally here.........

After it cooled down a few weeks ago, we were all excited to have the fall weather and enjoy the normal October activities but then it got very hot again. So much for fall right now. Sarah and Drew with the two girls are here to visit for a week instead of coming for Christmas. So we have been driving back and forth to Gulf Shores to see everyone and swim in the Gulf. It has been fun but I forgot to take pictures. That's the problem with cameras, you have to remember to take pictures. I will on Sunday when everyone is here.

Sunday, everyone will come over to celebrate Naomi's and Tasha's Birthday together. We will skype Isaac so the only one left not here will be Caleb. He is doing well and is not in the mountains of Mexico with a small branch and country air. He has already seen a shephard boy with a goat herd. Very interesting. More to come.
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