Saturday, October 15, 2011

Memorial for Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

I remember reading about Steve Jobs back in 1980 and what he had started to accomplish along with Bill Gates.  They were fierce competitors and it seemed as if Bill Gates had taken the lead for a while.  But as time went on Steve Jobs caught up and was just as successful as Bill Gates but not so open about it.  He was a very private person and I appreciate that. He was driven to make life better for everyone through electronics.

Pancreatic Cancer is brutal --but he managed to stick around a lot longer than most people do when they fight pancreatic cancer (6 years).  My mother didn't even make a year.
This post is in honor of Steve Jobs and all that work he has done for mankind.  A writer friend of mine coined it perfectly in her poem below and I copied it here.  It is amazing to me how people  can be so successful in the face of so much adversity.  It is amazing to me what people do with their lives when the odds are against them.  Here is the essence of Steve Jobs:
by Tanya Parker Mills

Given up at birth
By an educated Syrian father
And an equally learned mother
Into the arms of loving,
Less lettered parents,
He whiled his way through school,
Perhaps surprising no one
When he left its rule to
Follow his own.

Racing time,
He molded masterful manipulatives,
Each designed elegantly to bring the world
To our fingertips
In easy, intuitive ways.

A solid friend,
Dependable, accessible, with a
Mouse that makes the Lion roar.

Bringing music to the masses,
A revolution in song sharing
Between artist and listener.

Our first fisted friend,
There on errands, walks, and runs,
Fusing melody with life.

The iMac in our hands,
And an "app"licable library
For the future.

The iMac and iPod combined,
Simplified and squeezed
To a minimum, yet somehow more.

i's galore,
iBook, iPhoto, iMovie, iLife, iWork,

But this "i" always,

Steve Jobs set a president for us all!!!  Let us all take a lesson from this genius, driven mind.......

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