Saturday, October 29, 2011


This past week I arranged to see both Isaac and Rebekah graduate at Brigham Young University in Idaho.  Their graduation will be December 16th which is the day before Rebekah's birthday.  They will both have their bachelor's degree and go off to an internship somewhere. They are still working on that one.  But I am arranging to fly to Salt Lake City on the 14th of December and stay with my brother.  Then the next day I will drive my father's car with him up to Rexburg, Idaho which is only about three hours.  I'm pretty excited as this is my Alma Mater back in 1979.  There has been a lot of changes since I was there and the school is now a four year university so I'm excited to see all that has been done.  I have been looking online at some of the buildings and familiarizing myself with the campus so I won't be completely unaware.

 This cute little boy is Peter Holifield.  He is one of my grandsons who is 18 months old.  Such a cutie.  He lives with his Mom and Dad in Warner Robins, Georgia. Naomi and Jon Holifield.

Today we participated in an Eagle Scout project in Robertsdale, Alabama.  Tyler Evans chose to clean out the Emergency Preparedness warehouse to reorganize and inventory all the equipment and supplies they have there.  It was really a great project and there were about 30 of us there. We were done around noon and all were able to go home.  We made 60 dollars on our yard sale items from last week and Jim started working for the Baldwin County Schools in subbing for teachers.  He got himself on all the high school lists, middle school lists and some elementary school lists. We have been told by several different people that once they get to know you, you are always busy.  It's very exciting.  The only draw back is that we are paid once a month.  So I guess we will have to get used to that and schedule our bills around my paychecks and his.
Tomorrow I fly out to see Sarah, Drew and their children.  They will be going on a trip and I will be staying with Bella and Lael.  I am excited to visit with them and see Rex.  I also get to trick or treat with them.  Very fun.
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