Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hope for the Future.....

I found an even more colorful picture of the fall leaves of the north on Facebook and wanted to post it here. After our difficult week last week--we have more hope for the future. We are going to start again this week to find more work and get somewhere on the hotel plan.  We have to get going to see that hotel remodeled to be a museum and gift shop and also a place for parties. I'm sure we can make it work. We will rent our house and live in the back of the museum which will be very exciting.
Something that was said over the weekend really touched me:  "You can count the number of seeds in an apple but you cannot count the number of apples from each seed." Mary Fairchild  
You never know when you will help someone or touch a life with the example of  how you live you life.   So enough of me philosophizing and tomorrow is a new day to try again. 
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