Thursday, March 5, 2015

Five Helpful Hints for What to do When Stuck at Home....


School closings, over-sized winter storms, flu bound families... the list goes on and on. Many people are stuck at home for one reason or another.

Children are bored!!

What to do when stuck at home?
If illness has been visiting your home then the obvious activity is lots of  rest, lots of juices and a fast recovery.  But if you are stuck at home because of bad weather or you are just getting better but not good enough to venture out, what is there to do at home??  (Especially for children?)

All over the country, schools are being closed for illness.
The obvious answers to that question could be :

Star Wars Movie Marathon
Lord of the Ring Movie Marathon
Favorite TV Show Marathon on Netflicks
Indiana Jones Movie Marathon
Any favorite TV or Movie Marathon

But there is more to life than TV and Movies and  that can get really old very fast......

There is so much more we can do.... Depending on whether you are recovering from being sick or stuck at home in a snow driven storm here are some suggestions:

1. Play Games:  Board games are not bored games.. there are so many kinds of games you can play. Beside the normal popular games there are Crossword puzzles, 1000 piece puzzles,  scrabble, or chess.  There are arts and crafts, sewing, painting, writing letters or making cards for friends.  One of my children's favorite thing to do is to create a cave out of bedding. It might take up the whole living room but it will keep them occupied for hours.

2. Do Housework: It's not the most glamorous job but after you're finished, you feel much better. Then when you get to go outside, the cleaning will already be done. Clean out that closet you have been meaning to get to. Reorganize your pantry.

3. Listen to music: Listening to music is only the beginning. You can make your own CD of your favorite music, create video montages with your favorite music or play name that tune. One weekend when I wasn't home my older children orchestrated my younger children into an air band for the evening and they had a wonderful time. 

4. Read books:  If you have books at home then it might be fun to curl up on the couch and read. Children love to look at books. Make a collage from old magazines read the paper piling up in the corner. These "stuck at home" times are a great catch to what you couldn't do before.

5. Relax: Take a long bath, talk on the phone to a friend, watch the world outside your window, make a bead necklace or just sleep. Make up a meal from what you have at home. Creativity really pays off.

Put your thinking cap on and the ideas will flow quickly, you will think of so many things to do, you won't have time to do them all. 

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