Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fifty Shades of Abuse...

Edmund Burke once said “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” The Fifty Shades of Grey books series is the most heinous of books. Do you know why?? Because women who would ordinarily consider this idea of a marriage a very terrible relationship are loving it and buying into the lie that sexual violence is a good thing. It's the frog in a pot of cold water story. Before you know it---you are cooked.

I must give a rant here: Fifty Shades of Grey --the movie
        There are many who have posted their "yeah" or "nay" in their commentary of what would be the one of the most controversial movies to hit the theaters. Here is my two cents about a book series and recently released movie which is contrary to everything kind and uplifting:

 The world seems to be concerned with violence. At one end of the spectrum we fight violence in our schools, homes and communities but on the other end of the spectrum we welcome violence into ours, schools, homes and communities. Why is that?

From the public school spectrum there are shootings yet most teachers aren't opposed to showing "R" rated violent movies to teach a principal in history. Or use inappropriate curriculum in any grade level to teach a concept.

From the home front, we allow violence in under the guise of entertainment and "celebrate" a day set aside for loving relationships by releasing a movie about sexual abuse.  Where is the sense in that?

In communities, we see shootings and bullying, and the promotion of violence instead of peace because that's what makes headlines in the local paper. 

Regardless of your sex, race, color, body build, sexual preference, or any other difference in you we need to find a way to promote peace.  Promote kindness in our homes, schools and communities.

 Regardless of your opinion of what is done behind closed doors, promoting this kind of lifestyle is very deceptive.  For those young hearts who are very impressionable, violent sex is not what was intended for married couples. To desire to hurt ourselves and/or others is contrary to humanity. It's contrary to any peaceful religious ideals and it is contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

So that is why I am opposed to writing, producing or promoting such trash.
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