Saturday, March 21, 2015

Plain and Simple Truth = Lynn Parsons Blog Tour

Anyone who teaches gospel principals will love this book. Mostly for Mormons, this work gives such great ideas in any setting. Lynn Parsons has developed wonderful lesson plans and hands on activities that go beyond talk.

Plain and Simple Truths is a practical teaching resource that consists of engaging hands-on activities that are used to teach religious ideas. It's like Cub Scout Science meets Religion 101. The flexible lesson plans include a list of materials available in most homes, how to introduce the topic, easy-to-follow instructions to carry out the activities, discussion suggestions, and links to additional resources such as scripture references, LDS General Conference talks, and videos. This resource can be used for Family Home Evening, the new youth curriculum, Sunday School, Priesthood classes, and Relief Society lessons. It's appropriate for learners of all ages and those with cognitive and other types of disabilities. 

Topics run from A to Z and include, adversity, Christlike life, commandments, judgement, love, plan of salvation and much more. Each topic includes, a material list, preparation, lesson plans, activity, discussion, as well as, scriptural references, LDS General Conference Talks, supplemental video sites and a place for notes. A very handy book for teachers of the gospel.

Lynn Parsons became a teacher because of her experiences helping two of her children with special needs. She has taught special education children at both the elementary and secondary levels. Lynn’s instructional methods have been published by the Council for Exceptional Children and featured in several professional online magazines. Her love of education has extended to seven years teaching daily Seminary. She continues to look for innovative teaching methods that can reach all learners. Lynn now works as an Educational Diagnostician, evaluating children with disabilities. She is an advocate for them and their families through her website at  and her blog at 
Lynn has a Ph.D. in Exceptional Student, and is head of the Faith Committee of the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Needs Council for her county. She also enjoys reading, writing, and needlework.

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o    Top ten favorite things to do in my free time
§  Play with grandchildren
§  Knit
§  Read
§  Watch old movies
§  Spend time with friends
§  Shopping
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§  Learn something new
§  Take a walk
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