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(dis)Abilities and the Gospel.... more Lynn Parsons

Teaching children is already a difficult task at times but to have special challenges as in teaching a special needs child can really run the best of those teachers over the edge. Lynn Parsons and Danyelle Ferguson have the inside scoop on what to do and how to teach.

(dis)Abilities and the Gospel: How to Bring People with Special Needs Closer to Christ

 is a must read for parents, teachers and leaders who are friends with special needs children.

Each day, parents and church leaders struggle to teach individuals with special needs. Using helpful information, real-life stories, and a touch of humor, "(dis)Abilities and the Gospel" provides ways for you to effectively teach people of all ages with autism, Down syndrome, bipolar disorder, memory loss, and other disabilities. 

For example: here are some quotes from the book:

“Behavioral problems are possibly the most difficult disability to understand. Youth with behavioral challenges may look like everyone else. Behaviors may appear inconsistently. The things you try may work one week and fail the next. Solving these challenges begins with an analysis of the trigger, the behavior itself, and the consequences that follow. Then a system of positive teaching methods and supports can be put in place.”

The ideals in (dis)Abilities and the Gospel make help the reader think outside the box in teaching those with disabilities.....

“While it’s important to have a basic understanding of each person’s disability, it’s more important to focus on their abilities. Every child of God has a tremendous future. Parents and church leaders have the responsibility to help everyone reach his or her potential.”

We are all children of a kind Heavenly Father.....
“We should never think Heavenly Father values one child more than another.”

                                                                                  Lynn Parsons:

Lynn Parsons became a teacher because of her experiences helping two of her children with special needs. She has taught special education children at both the elementary and secondary levels. Lynn’s instructional methods have been published by the Council for Exceptional Children and featured in several professional online magazines. Her love of education has extended to seven years teaching daily Seminary. She continues to look for innovative teaching methods that can reach all learners. Lynn now works as an Educational Diagnostician, evaluating children with disabilities. She is an advocate for them and their families through her website at and her blog at Lynn has a Ph.D. in Exceptional Student, and is head of the Faith Committee of the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Needs Council for her county. She also enjoys reading, writing, and needlework.

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