Saturday, May 29, 2010

Preparing Young People for the Future

Besides getting a child educated there are many experiences young people need to know to prepare them for the future. I participate in a lot of teaching for young people at church and in the community, so I keep my eye out for any information that will help me help them.

Besides learning to read, write and do arithmetic children need to learn life skills. How to balance a checkbook, getting a loan from the bank, people and customer relations are important life skills. How to speak on the phone correctly is another skill important in life as I have heard from parents many times when they answer the phone and a child's friend demands to speak with their child. These children just don't have the training that teaches them proper behavior.

For older chidlren, reading the paper often during the week helps to keep themselves informed. Knowing good conversation instead of talking about their love life or the parties they attended the night before keeps proper conversations clean. These skills are necessary for a successful life. Self-esteem rises and children feel comfortable with themselves.
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