Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Incumbents Not Doing So Well-Editorial

Our flower bed is done, school is almost over, our vegetable garden is growing, our national pastime has once again started another season and we have more daytime to do what ever we need. So why is there an uneasy feeling in the back of my mind?

I can’t help but think about that oil spill not yet capped, the economy going south the way it has in the last year, Nashville is recovering from the biggest flood it’s ever had, and Arizona is taking flak for a new immigration law. Natural disasters and political debates are throwing a black cloud on the start of the summer but it’s the upcoming election in November that is giving me that dreadful sinking feeling. Are we going to experience the same disgust and frustration that our elected officials are not listening to what we want in deciding the laws of the land? I hope not.

News reports show that incumbents will not be doing well in the upcoming primaries according to polls taken for the 2010 election. This past Tuesday was the first primary for the Senate in four states: Arkansas, Kentucky, Oregon and Pennsylvania. The feeling of “send the same people back to Washington, will guarantee the same result” are causing Americans every where to vote for anyone but the incumbent. All over the country, polls are showing a low vote for incumbents in trying to gain the same seat they had before, proving to the rest of the world that we are not going to put up with politicians who don’t listen.

What I am beginning to see is that American citizens do remember the arrogance and total disregard for the Constitution that these elected officials seem to have and they do not want it to happen again. It doesn’t matter whether they are Republican or Democrat, if they have been elected before; chances are they won’t be again. By and large this nation is still a conservative nation and if those who are elected do not vote on bills by the will of the people, the people will find someone else who will.

I think the time for the “career” politician is over. Americans are licking their wounds from the last “change for better” election but they won’t let it happen again. Most people see these elected officials as so out of touch with the American people that it doesn’t matter what these incumbents promise, no one will believe them.

The uneasy feeling of incumbents returning to their old job makes everyone nervous including me so when June 1st comes around for the Alabama primary, (find out when your state has it's primary) I for one will make sure I vote and vote for a candidate who will follow the Constitution and not disregard what the will of the people want……and I’m sure everyone else will vote the same way.
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