Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Approaching

Mother's Day is coming up this weekend and I wanted to post something to commemorate my motherhood. After giving birth to nine children, it is amazing how my life has led to different twists and turns and what I have learned since 1982. I now have two grandchildren and about to have another. My oldest two daughters are married a with the third engaged. It has been an amazing life and I'm very thankful for it. Three of my nine so far have served missions and all of them are productive, hard-working people.

Having children is such a blessing and I believe that many couples do not believe this. They are afraid of what adding on to their union will do to themselves. If they are selfish, then the children will suffer. If they are willing to sacrifice something in their life for something better, then children are a welcomed blessing. What else is there to live for if we do not have people who are important to us in our life? Certainly, leisure and travel activities become unimportant after a while. You can travel around the world many times and still not have joy when returning home.

I saw "The Bucket List" last year and it is the perfect example of what I am writing about. The one man who had cancer, had a family with a wife of many years. He wasn't considered wealthy in the financial world but he had children and grandchildren. The other man with cancer had female partners over the years but not one that stuck around. He even had a daughter but they were estranged. He lived on his own in a very nice condo, had lots of money from his corporation but really didn't have much joy. When it came down to it, the man who lived my himself realized that family was really important and made the effort to visit his daughter to patch things up and see his grandaughter.

I hope all of you mothers will enjoy the day with your families and appreciate who you gave birth to. Life is so much better with those who you have worked to have a relationship. The world is a better place.
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