Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Past Entries

September 20, 2008
I am happily married now and on to the life of homeschooling Moses and Henry and writing my weekly editorials. I have been writing for the Independent for a year now and the political scene is really heating up. This is my editorial for this week:
The Republican Party has been revived. John McCain picked a running mate who gave a great speech last week on Wednesday night to tell us like it is and there has been a feeding frenzy by the media ever since. The media just pounced on Sarah Palin the minute she finished speaking. There are several issues which are at stake in her taking the Vice President position.
The feminists in the limelight think she can’t be a vice-president and a good mother of five children at the same time. Well, I think that being the mother of five children qualifies her to be a vice-president. If anyone has taken on the job of raising five children, you will learn by the shear experience of having five children going in different directions how to organize your time for the most efficient use. There have been thousands of working mothers across the country who have high executive positions with young children and have been very successful. She is one of them.
The media brought out the fact that she has no real executive experience as a governor of a large rural state. Her work there doesn’t count for anything but after taking a closer look we can see that she has done much to help the state of Alaska clean up their act. She resigned as Ethics Commissioner of the Gas and Oil Conservation Commission to expose corruption and as governor exposed legal violations and conflicts of interest in her own party leaders’ in Alaska which took a great act of courage.
The newest “complaint” of Sarah Palin this week is that she is religious person. Many of our past vice-presidents and presidents were religious and not many in the media cared to say so. So why are they attacking her in such an unfair fashion? Sarah Palin was chosen for her political merit, her integrity and her hard work to do a great job as vice-president. She is known for cleaning up the corruption in government and those in opposition to her are in great fear. They are afraid she will take the vote of the country by storm and put this nation back on track. They are afraid that she will really clean out Washington and they will lose their jobs. She is worthy if this job and they know it. She is authentic and real and many Americans can relate to her as a mother and as a political leader.
The next coming weeks before the election will be an interesting time and a chance for all of us to take a good look at candidates and what goals they want for our country. Stay tuned.

Happy Wedding!!!!!--July 11th, 2008
This is the picture that ended up in the newspaper for our wedding annoucement. The only thing is we won't be getting married on August 16th as it says there, we will be getting married this Friday --which is July 11th. A much better time for us to get married even though it is last minute. He is James Allen Foy from Sarasota, Florida and he wants to be my companion for the rest of my life on earth. I am the luckiest girl in the world.
This picture was taken in our backyard under the blueberry bushes in Loxley Alabama.
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!!!

Wednesday July 9, 2008
A new time in my life
Much has happened since I wrote my last entry. Since that time Mitt Romney bowed out of the Presidential race and I have been through two other boy friends. Jack Perine was struck by cupid's arrow on February 16th when our stake sponsored a singles conference and spent the whole weekend with me, Larry, Yolanda, Jennifer and a few others. It was a bit stressful for me because I was in charge of it but I got through it. I also met another guy --Jim Foy who started emailing me after the conference.
So Jack proceeded to woo me and asked me to marry him on three different occasions which really messed my thinking up. I was still in love with Aaron but that was getting better and I had a few other men interested in dating me so my head was realing around. After seriously considering Jack's offer, I had to decline. It took me 3 months to really know for sure and after it was all over --it seemed obvious: Jack was not to be my husband. He was very persusasive and it was hard for me to think clearly but the Spirit prevailed and I broke it off permanently.
Enter Jim. He had been biding his time with emailing and several close calls on dates that were canceled last minute. But he was persistant and finally when the air was cleared from all other suitors, I could give him my full attention. It surprized me to find out that he was not what I expected. He was fun and caring and wanted what was best for me, not him. So on June 14th--Flag Day and also my baptism anniversary-- he proposed to me at the beach in Gulf Shores under the moonlight and I said yes. We are now engaged to be married on August 16th, 2008 and we are staying right where I am in Loxley.
Being single was a fascinating lifestyle but I'm glad to get out. It has been 2 1/2 years since my husband passed away and I have missed him. It will be wonderful to have a companion again although we have to start over in the marriage relationship but I am happy to be someone's wife and have a husband.

Thursday June 26, 2008
An Exciting Time in Our Country
It's been about two months when I wrote that last entry. I feel much better and I even saw Aaron last night at a singles activity. It was great fun and we are still friends. We have been talking weekly.
With the election coming up, it has been an exciting time in our country. A member of the church, Mitt Romney is running and is doing quite well. There is much work to do to get to November.

January 26, 2008
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
This is a particularly difficult blog to write. I wasn’t going to write it now. I was going to wait but I couldn’t sleep anyway so I thought I might as well get it done early. This past week things were not right with the guy I have been seeing. We had such a great time together in the last seven months and it was time to find out whether we should get married. His answer to the prayer was different from mine, surprisingly. His was a big no and he knew for the past week. But he wanted to be sure that was the right answer and was dragging his feet in telling me. That would be why we didn’t have such a great week together. So last night we met in the middle of Pascagoula Mississippi and Loxley Alabama and he told me. I have never had to go through that before. Back in my BYU days, I was always the one to break it off, not the one being broken off to. So now I sit at my computer writing about the woes of breaking up a relationship that I thought was going to go on a lot longer than it did.
Last year I went to one of those singles conferences and sat in a workshop which was taught by an LDS woman psychologist and she brought out the point that it is not uncommon to not marry someone that you love. I just felt that idea was so strange. How can someone love another person and then not get married to them? It just seemed so foreign to me but now I understand that idea much better. It will be difficult to listen to The Eagles, Love Will Keep Us Alive after this. We would dance to that in his living room sometimes.
I feel like becoming a hermit but he said that it wouldn’t help. He became a hermit for a long time after his divorce and I was the one who brought him out of it. It will take time to get over this one. Not like losing a husband but it is painful. Something I had to learn in life, I suppose. I wonder what my husband thinks about all of this.
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