Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A New Blog Begins

After investigating other blogs sites and reading the blogs of my friends, I decided to change blog sites to this one. I took the last few entries from my old blog and put them on here. I really need to add pictures and all of that but I will later on. I really like the set up of this particular site so this will be a permanent change.

Jim and I have been married almost 3 months now (on the 11th) and it has been a much better life as a married person than a single person although there are adjustments to be made. If you would like to see my other blog at;_ylt=AjZZeP29BqJ6A2BMnqWh.5KkAOJ3?cq=1

I started it on February 22, 2006 which was 52 days after my husband passed away. I feel better changing to this blog. I can leave that single life behind and start over and I like this blog site better.
The above pictures are of my family: the first is Lydia, Moses and Henry together. The next one is everyone on the couch: Moses, Caleb, Jim, Eliot, Henry and Lydia. I love this picture--we are really happy together and last one is of myself and Jim on our wedding day. Jim has lost 30 pounds since then so he is a bit thinner.

Life is much more calm and Jim and I are embarking on many pursuits to keep us afloat financially.
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