Monday, March 31, 2014

There goes Sunday School.... Noah is not right.

Movie Review: Noah

Hollywood has done it again. A biblical story in disturbing proportions. It's unbelievable how a simple story like Noah and the Ark can get so blown up out of proportion. The latest in Hollywood bunk has opened this past weekend in the form of Noah and I'm afraid this movie will be believed as a true account from the bible.

It's not!!!  The only similarity from the bible account and the movie is that Noah builds an ark, has a wife and three sons and it rains to flood the earth.  All portrayals are so out of wack....this is not a movie for families to watch.

From Plugged In ( we read:

"Noah goes pretty far off the Sunday school flannel board to tell its story, beginning with 'the beginning.' Noah recounts the story of creation to his children, reciting what happened on each of the six days. Using time-lapse photography, his account blends the Bible with Darwinian evolution, as animals change into other animals in rapid-fire sequence. (And most of the creatures on the ark appear to be evolutionary forebears of the ones we live with today.)

 Unlike the direct commands issued by God to Noah in Genesis, His will is obscured in Noah. The titular character receives only visions, their meaning never fully clear to him. And because Noah and his family deeply desire to do God's will exactly, this exacerbating lack of communication creates some serious conflicts—an echo of sometimes our own uncertainty of what God would have us do now."

It is a dark portrayal of  what really happened.  Noah is a prophet of God. He has the light of goodness in him and is not at all the way Russell Crowe has portrayed him. Although it's not really Russell Crowe's fault. I really like his work most of the time but with Darren Aronofsky as director (also directed Black Swan-another disturbing movie) he didn't have much of a choice.

In the biblical story all three sons are married which is one of main points of having a family get on the ark to start a new life....each son has a wife so they can  have children to populate the world.
When I see a biblical story on the movie screen, I expect the story to stay true to it's original writing such as The Ten Commandments or Jesus of  Nazareth not misconstrued as a fairy tale although anyone can produce a movie with their own take. This might be a compelling story but it's not what really happened in my eyes. It was too dark and misleading as to the integrity of it's main character.

I'm sure many curious seekers will watch Noah for the entertainment.  I just wouldn't believe it as the truth...which is what I'm thinking the rest of the world will do.

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