Thursday, November 15, 2012

My latest book......

I have published another book. This one is book number 5!!!  It's called:

Thoughts from the Heart: Writings from the Gulf Coast of Alabama

Here is the blurb from the back of the book:

The Gulf Coast of Alabama has had its share of trials and triumphs. As a Gulf Coast Newspaper Columnist, Valerie J. Steimle, has seen it all: from hurricanes, the BP oil spill to Supper on the Beach, festivals, concerts and beach life.  Living on Alabama’s gulf coast has been an interesting life journey.  “Thoughts from the Heart” was a column especially written for the gulf coast of Alabama with inspirational stories, small town politics and federal government antics.  Read one hundred of the best of “Thoughts from the Heart,” an insightful collection of honest, humorous and heart-felt writing.

Here are a few reviews from a few fellow authors:

Margaret Turley

Valerie Steimle shares her editorial articles written for a newspaper column in Alabama: The Independent, the Gulf Coast Newspaper and the newspaper's website. Her views on family and marriage, local and federal government, education, entertainment and the media, health care, and patriotism are unapologetic and very conservative. Reading her book brings me back home to how I was raised in a different "A-state", Arizona. Though the scenery may be different, and I am from the Southwest part of the United States instead of the Southeast, the issues are the same. It is good to be able to read articles by someone else who thinks like I do. Thoughts From The Heart: Writings From the Gulf Coast of Alabama

Donna K. Weaver:
Mrs. Steimle, in her book, Thoughts from the Heart, Writings from the Gulf Coast of Alabama, takes readers through a series of pieces previously published as columns for the Independent, a Gulf coast newspaper. She opines on a variety of subjects ranging from educating children, families, the media, politics, etc. Mrs. Steimle voices her strong, conservative feelings without apology. In a world where too many people applaud freedom of speech but scorn ideas that don't match their own, this book is a refreshing and open look at one woman's thoughts.

It is possible to glean insight and understanding from other people without agreeing with their personal philosophies. While I have my own strong feelings, I like to think that I am teachable. As a small child who lives close to the ground will notice things I do not, I find that trying to see the world as others do opens possibilities I might have otherwise missed.

Thoughts from the Heart may reinforce your own worldviews or make you stretch. Personally, I think both are good for us.

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