Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Most Interesting Book.....

I was surfing the "net" the other day and came across this incredible book. Since our interests have turned to being prepared and self-sufficiency, reading about this book really peaked my interest.  So I ordered it... and it is the most interesting book.

Whether you have ancestry from the Mormon Pioneers or not, this book is full of tidbits of information on gardening (both flower and vegetable), keeping chickens and baking bread. Wonderful stuff.

There is a chapter in there about "wild yeast" bread and I learned something so new---yet the concept is thousands of years old---that I have been thinking about it ever since..  Wild Yeast is what was used to rise bread for generations of time before the little packets of yeast were created for a quick rise.

Part of the gluten problem of today is that quick rise bread is made of the quick rise yeast.  No one was ever allergic to bread back in the day with wild yeast. The yeast is created over time and is not so harsh on the stomach.  It's similar to a sour dough but you "catch" the yeast in the air and keep it as a starter in the refrigerator.  The link to the book is below.

More info on Wild Yeast Starter:

A very fascinating topic!!!
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