Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eliot is in the MTC

Eliot left home on April 18th to fly to Salt Lake City and entered the Missionary Training Center on April 20th.  He has been there a full week now and is allowed to email me once a week.  He also has been writing letters for snail mail which is nice.  He is having an incredible experience there in learning a completely new language so foreign to English.  Albanian is a very difficult language to learn but he is already speaking simple sentences.  Here is a blurb from his first email on an experience he had plus other things:

"Oh yea, an APOSTLE was here yesterday. My companion and a couple other elders from my district joined the choir so we were able to sing for him. we were all singing the opening prayer and then he walked in and everyone stood up super fast. it was very amazing that Elder Dallan H. Oaks could come to speak with us and we had an awesome district discussion afterwards. We are hoping to see at least 6 more while we are here.

My last day at Bobby's I just sat and listened to Grandpa's stories for about 3 or 4 hours. That was very cool and i could tell he enjoyed spending the time with me. If you could mail me their address that would be very cool. also give my love and gratitude to everyone at church and please have them dear elder me and write me letters. getting letters is a super awesome feeling and its always cool to get them."

For those who don't know, in our world wide Church there are 12 men chosen to be Apostles like the church of old when Christ was on the earth.  Eliot sang for one of those Apostles which is very exciting for him.

I'm sure we will hear more interesting stories.
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