Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Down to one child for a week!!!!

Wow....it is so weird.  Henry--our youngest---is the only one home for a whole week.  In one month's time, Eliot left for the MTC, Caleb and Lydia drove to Mesa, Arizona to help their oldest sister for a month, and Moses unexpectedly went to Disney World with a church friend and his parents.

It's just Jim, Henry and me and we are learning what it is like to have empty nest syndrome.  It's very quiet at home with only one.  He plays with his neighborhood friends most of the time.  We eat dinner together and maybe watch a movie in the evening but all and all it is very different.

By Friday, Moses will be back and then we will have Lydia with us after Girls' Camp in June.  Not many dishes to do.  Not much cleaning in the bathroom either.  Very interesting.
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