Friday, January 7, 2011

Small Acts of Kindness: A Good Way to Start the New Year

After a nice break from work and school in the last two weeks, we are returning to our real life. It’s back to business this week but it’s a new year and a new beginning. Of course we are patiently awaiting the Auburn/Oregon confrontation…..War eagle is heard loud and clear from our house. Other than that, we are finding ourselves facing another week of back to what is our normal operating procedure: get up, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, relax, eat dinner and go to bed. We might have a few bumps in the road we follow but this is basically the norm. I wonder what can put the zing back into our life after a month of preparation and partying?

Over the weekend, I have been reading interesting stories from a Christian magazine of what people have done to put that good feeling back into their life. What makes life exciting and how can we feel better about ourselves? The stories I read were simple in nature and warmed my heart because all that these people did was help someone else in need. It is amazing how when we think about others and act on that thought how much better we feel in our own life.

A good example of acting on a thought to help others is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In just a few short years, this foundation has helped thousands of people all over the world on every continent. From agriculture improvements for farmers in growing food to donating medicine in wiping out polio, setting up libraries and funding education in third world countries, they are the largest philanthropic organization in the world. It is truly amazing what they have done.

Of course we aren’t all in a position to do all of that. Our own community needs every day people to do small acts of kindness for neighbors and friends. How many times have you seen a need somewhere and followed up on it? It does leave a great feeling of acceptance and warmth in our hearts. It’s actually the payback for helping other people.

So, whether you are a patriot and want to contribute to bettering the country (like me) or like to attend church to find service in the community or just know your neighbors, small acts of kindness is the way to go for a better year.

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