Monday, January 17, 2011

Cyberspace: A Tricky Place But Should be Free-Editorial

Just lately the Internet has been the cause of much discussion. This choice of communication is the last option we have with absolutely no regulation or law dictating what we can and cannot do. It would be a great feat if we could leave it this way but unfortunately there are plans being made to gain control over it.

Back in August of 2009, our Administration created a “cybersecurity” office in the White House and a new military command dedicated to cyber security in the Defense Department. Even worse, a U.S. Senate bill (S.773) was proposed in handing the Obama Administration the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet. The idea is preposterous even if there were a “cybersecurity emergency” as it states in the bill; there would be no reason for anyone to seize control of any privately owned computer. The wording is vague and leaves too much open for abuse in control. Besides, there are too many big businesses which have a hand in the internet that would totally reject any kind of government regulation.

So far any legislation put forth has not been passed through mainly because of technical difficulties and privacy concerns. There are certain aspects in government activity that are secured from internet intrusion but overall the cyber world is still free to reign in information and business.

With this freedom there are certain cautions we must take. For example, I have seen companies hirer unsuspecting employees for computer work and after completing their tasks, payment was stolen away from them from their own bank accounts. Or websites post and advertise for certain services or goods when in reality there was money stolen out of a customer’s account and no services or goods rendered. We are wise in taking any kind of employment carefully and with precaution especially from someone we don’t know who lives out of state or out of country for that matter.

As one FBI agent told me, “criminals are getting very creative in the way they steal other people’s money”. We have to be careful. It’s better to stick to the well known and safe bigger companies when dealing with buying goods or hired on as employment than risk being taken by smaller unknown sites unless they can prove their honesty. I have personally bought from certain sites when I needed replacement parts for my gadgets but it is a risk.

In the mean time, we are free to roam any where we want on the internet and proudly post our opinions in whatever we see fit. We can take online educational classes, read mostly untouched news reports from anywhere in the world and keep track of the weather and our bank accounts. It’s a freedom we can all enjoy as it is the American way!!!

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