Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day Camp in June

This past month has been a very busy month. I worked full time at a day camp at the Loxley Civic Center and it has ended on Friday. It was a fun job. I was responsible for 10 children from 5-8 years old and they were fun.
This picture to the left is the whole group in the last week. There were 14 to 15 older children 9-12 years old. We started our day every morning at 8am with a walk on the 1/2 mile track and an hour play time on the playground or playing kickball, football or baseball. Once 9:30 hit, it was way too hot to stay out any longer so everyone went in for a cool down and snack. Then we would do a craft activity, play games or read stories. On Tuesdays, we would visit the local theater for a summer flick and then come back. Friday afternoon would be water time with slip and slides, sprinklers and a small pool. Every noon would be lunch time and then after lunch we would either watch a fun movie, do another craft, play pool in the pool room or just play games. It was fun for me as well because I was allowed to take Moses and Henry with me to participate. We also had a CPR class, a babysitting class, sun safety class, and the local firemen came to teach fire safety bringing their "smoke house". Our day ended at 3pm every day and it was a test of endurance by Friday afternoon.
Now that I'm done with being a camp counselor, I am free for the rest of the summer. One skill I did learn at day camp was how to "hair wrap". It is a macrema skill which allows you to put colorful embroidery thread around a small section of hair. You can also add beads. I started making the wraps without the hair for an idea I had to sell on the beach. Normally hair wraps stay on your head for a week or more but the hair grows out, you have to sleep on it and it sometimes gives you a headache. My idea is that with a hair clip you can wear your hair wrap whenever you want and not have to cut it off your head when it gets old. I'll be trying out my idea this week when I go to the beach to sell them.
Fourth of July is coming up so I'm hoping that I can do well. Maybe sell 50 or 60 of them in a weekend. At ten or 12 dollars a pop that would be great.
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