Saturday, May 16, 2020

Pay No Attention to the Plan Behind the Curtain

I am so tired of the lying. I am so tired of the fear mongering. People are locking themselves at home so they feel safe.  I am just done with this whole COVID 19 fiasco with the world in lock down mode preaching that we will never go back to the normal life we had before it all began.

My thoughts and nightmares about this illness are becoming a reality. We shouldn’t have to get used to the new normal because there shouldn’t be any new normal.  We are told that this virus is worse than the flu we get every year. We have to take precautions to remain healthy and although I agree that we should always take care not to spread our illnesses, wearing face masks outside for a year will not help. Maybe this “new norm” will not continue on if our national and state leaders lend an ear to doctors all over the country who have reported their common sense practices backed by experienced words of wisdom to conquer this enemy.

A Look at the Numbers:

The state of Georgia started opening up on April 25, 2020, with a mountain load of criticisms from politicians telling the Georgia Governor, “you have to stay closed or else you will have millions of Georgia people die from the Corona Virus.” Two weeks later, the number of Georgians getting sick during the two week time was 555 people. This number was basically the same from the earlier two weeks. There were no millions of Georgia people dying from opening Georgia.

 It is not reported in the mainstream media but did you know that 98% of those who do get the virus recover! (And that is worldwide!)  I was so surprised to hear this from a report done on a local radio show. What?  This whole fear mongering thing is to tell us that even though you might have the COVID 19, you most likely will recover!!  Why doesn’t the media talk about that?

We do everything we are supposed to do for 6 weeks, the virus infection numbers go down and they change the rules. The goal post is moved again.

The Good Doctors’ Reports

From a website called Corona Virus Truths, a group of doctors from West Alabama got together with scientific information and common sense in the medical field, to talk about what the truths and lies we are hearing about this corona virus.

Corona Virus Truths

This is the most telling video of all. Amazing what Dr. Judy Mikovits has researched and promoted as a way to stay healthy.

Dr. Judy Mikovits

Recovery Medicines: May 15, 2020 Facebook post about the Virus: "The opening news stories of the day tells of the great success of  Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and Z Paks. They are being touted as the best medicine to recover from COVID 19.  Doctors have been writing in from all over the country of their success with these procedures.  There should be no reason for anyone to not get the help they need from their doctors and these prescriptions to make a full recovery."

Testing: This sounds like a sure thing to be tested of whether we have this virus or not. But we should be weary of false positive results. President John Magufuli, from the country of Tanzania sent samples from a goat, a quail and a papaya.  This test came back positive and President Magufuli said gotcha! He had suspicions about the testing and fired his national health leaders. He then told the WHO—“Tanzania will not be using any vaccines”.

It is reported that if anyone has had the flu vaccine in the past, the test for COVID 19 will come out positive.  If we are sick, then we should take care of ourselves. If we are healthy, then we should be able to live our life before COVID 19 was released.

Face Masks:

As Dr. Mikovits talks about how the constant wearing of face masks:  “Wearing the mask activates your own virus.” Sick people can wear face masks, or even just stay home. Healthy people should not have to wear them.

Vaccine: When the vaccine does become available, I am happy to hear that President Trump decided not to enforce a required vaccine for all Americans.  For those wanting to take the vaccine, that is up to us. We have our freedom.  But what most people don’t know is that this vaccine has RNA-sequences created with derivatives of a fetal (aborted) by-products. Those with access to medical and pharmaceutical subscription services can look this up to verify.

Theory of Conspiracy:

As someone who supports President Trump as the leader of the United States and the free world as well, economically we were doing the best our country has ever done in over 50 years. Our unemployment was the lowest in a long time, businesses were booming, corporations were starting to come back to our country to open up more jobs for Americans. We were all busy living our lives. This had to be stopped by the opposition which I will call Group A. Group A hated the fact that President Trump was doing so well as a president. Group A hated the fact that President Trump was not following in the footsteps of former presidents. Group A hated that he has helped so many American people to become self-sufficient.

 I know from a special witness who spoke from his experience with President Trump that our president loves the people.  He wants the best for us. He wants us to be successful instead of depending on government handouts to run our lives. Group A wants the opposite.

The best thing President Trump did for our country and for the world was to develop a great economy and that is what Group A wants to ruin. So this evil COVID 19 virus was somehow mysteriously unleashed with the plan of keeping everyone in lock down for as long as possible with the possibility of a required vaccine or else we have to stay at home. Group A wants the fear of this COVID 19 to stay hanging over our heads. We are being manipulated. We are being fooled.

No more restaurants, no more gatherings, no more sports, no more religious worship, no more anything with the possibility of never really getting back to our normal life. This is my greatest fear and a nightmare. Pulling the curtain away to see what Group A wants is disturbing:

1.              1. Complete government control over all aspects of our lives.

2.               2. President Trump to lose the election come November.

3.              3. A required vaccine with a tracking chip in our bodies.

4.              4. No opening businesses until there is a cure.

COVID 19 is being used as a political ploy and this is unacceptable. The United States has been under the government of a constitution by and for the people and we must adhere to its principles. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave, as Sean Hannity quotes many times.  Group A is frustrated that governors’ COVID 19 decisions for states are being violated and people pushing back. We deserve our freedoms as we have fought for them for over 200 years. If we are healthy, we should be allowed to go back to work and live our lives, if we are sick then stay home. As Americans, we need to take responsibility for our actions. We need to work and support ourselves.

Pull the curtain away, and realize what this COVID 19 plan is really all about. We need to be informed and smarter and not wake up to an awful situation which will be out of our control.

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