Thursday, November 5, 2015

A study of enormous proportions.... Be Our Best Selves...

Every so often I run into a study of some sort which I really like. I like what is reported and how this report affects me. The below picture is one of them. We've heard all the facts about laziness, we know we need to be better at living life, but we don't always do so. We get lazy, or neurotic, panic stricken or apathetic. The information below is a good reminder.

It reminds me of how I should be a better person.. read every day, compliment other people, forgive others, (that's a tough one sometimes) work my brain as in thinking, learning and being grateful. When we act like potatoes on couches, we tend to do what unsuccessful people do: get lazy and not be our best selves.

This is really a message for me because I don't want to watch TV every day, criticize, blame or not forgive others or think I know it all. It's just not right. So this sign is for me to remember to be my best self.

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