Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Newest Member of the Family.....

Evelyn Olivia Steimle
Evelyn Olivia Steimle was born on a special day.  Not only was it her birthday but it was also Ground Hog's Day to one of the worst winters on record.....


            It was Superbowl Sunday.....Not to just any team in the U.S playing in this big game but the team she is connected to....Her parents live in Everett, Washington, a suburb city of Seattle... The Seahawks were playing in the Superbowl against the Denver Broncos and the miraculous thing is that they won.... The Seahawks were the underdogs and never won a Superbowl and they came out fighting. They won!!! They won!!!    but I digress....

Isaac holding Evie

 This is about Evie (as her parents call her) and her birth......weighing in at 8lbs and 8oz. and measuring 22 inches long.  

She will always have a special birthday.
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