Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Common Core Standards: Threats and Dangers

From Freedom Project Education and the American Opinion Foundation comes a startling account of what the Common Core Standards really are about.

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Dr. Duke Pesta and Mrs. Mary Black present the Threats and Dangers of Common Core Standards.

Basically what the video says is this:

Our future education system is a program that will teach our children what to think and not how to think.  This program was put together by business people and lobbyists not educators.

This program is already being tested in several large city areas and not doing well. If enough parents fight it –then it will be put on the back burner.  What is really scary is that it’s linked to ObamaCare. 

Several years ago—the federal government promised each state millions of dollars in federal money IF the state will adapt the Common Core Standard, sight unseen.  That is scary. With Georgia pulling out of the common core curriculum because of what this teaches, Georgia will lose its funding received a few years ago.The Federal Government will take it back.

What state is next???  Texas pulled out—Florida wants to pull out—Indiana and South Dakota as well.  Just Google “States pulling out of Common Core Standards” and you will get an eye full of a lot of information. It is disastrous.

Public school teachers and administrators will think it’s a frame work for what should be taught but if it is not followed exactly how it is planned out—the federal hammer will come down on their state.  Better to reject it now in its early stages than allow it to infiltrate into the system.


  1. One program fits all—It is basically a nationalized curriculum backed by the federal government.
  2. It is a mandated implementation of ObamaCare: ObamaCare documents show health care points for public school children which will be very controlling. Every aspect of the child will be aggressively captured and parents will no longer have any say of what their children learn.
  3. Data Mining and Intrusive Record Keeping: There are buildings being constructed just for the keeping of documentation and records of every child in the country.   All actions of every child—whether it is a kindergarten warning to be better behaved or a failing grade on a high schooler’s test.  EVERY THING will be kept.
There was a 126 page report written by the Department of Education in how to measure student effectiveness through sensors and recordable instruments.
Here is the link:
Link to Promoting Grit, Tenacity and Perserverence

Pretty scary. In a nut shell there are four different kind of recordable sensors that students will have in the classroom.  Facial expressive cameras, Posture analysis seats, a pressure mouse for the computer and a wireless skin conductor worn on the wrist.  Some schools are already implementing them.

So the lesson is about how bullying should be taken from the schools.  If you believe that homosexuality is wrong—you are a bully.  Children hearing this in the classroom will squirm, make faces or their heart rate speeds up.  Parents are contacted and asked: “Why does your child feel opposed to homosexuality?  What is the parent going to do?  Children will become wards of the state.   
See page 62 of the link posted above.

4. Promotion of outside interest groups and lobbying: Planned parenthood, Agenda 21, United Nations, Environmental Protection Agency, etc. etc. etc.  Everyone wants to get in on the act and these groups promote their agenda through Common Core.  The blurring of health care and sexuality; teaching young children (age 7) that it’s okay to masturbate and that homosexuality is just fine.  If any parent teaches their children any thing else, it’s considered bullying.

5.  Socialist –Style educational approach and methodology: Everyone has the same grade. There is no achievement to be your best student.  No ambition is necessary. Students will be so ingrained to make approximations in answers (even in Math) that they will not really learn the correct answer.

Supposedly Homeschoolers and private schools will be exempt from the common core standard but not to opt out of ObamaCare.  These children will be under the same scrutiny as public school children in health and what is learned. The ACT and SAT  college entrance exams will be changed to cover the Common Core standards.  Even Homeschool curriculum books are being bought out by the Common Core Standard to publish the same kind of learning material as public school.  If they want to stay in business, they have to accommodate Common Core. Even Bob Jones University Press has buckled under the pressure.

What can we do to stop this?

  1. Educate yourself: Get that video (or watch online) and read the truth where ever you can online.  
  2. Educate others: Spread the word to other parents. Teachers will probably not take you seriously as there have been new programs adapted all the time over the years and this might seem like a fad—but it’s not.
  3. Contact your State Board of Education and tell them—You Do Not Want Common Core!!!

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