Friday, August 23, 2013

A Change of Plans.....

I just finished the most wonderful book and I couldn't wait to review it here... As writers network with each other there are chances to meet other authors and that is how I met Donna Weaver.  She hadn't been published yet but was working on her first book--a novel--and it is a best seller.

A Change Of Plans
            by Donna Weaver

This story grabs your attention right from the start with the two main characters getting on a cruise ship to share in a great vacation.  One woman--the partier--wants to be involved in all the gatherings during their time at sea. The other woman--more subdued and quiet-- wants a peaceful, quiet vacation to get away from a dark time of her life the year before.

Both these women don't get exactly what they expect as the story unfolds and they meet others on the ship for an adventure of a life time..... All the characters are so real, the story line keeps moving forward for a great adventure and the dialogue is entertaining.  It's a clean romance as well so not to worry about the content.

A great story and I'm looking forward to more stories from Donna Weaver in the future.

Part of an interview from an earlier blog Donna talks about her idea for the book:
Donna:  Ideas are everywhere. A Change of Plans began as a dream that had lingered with me. When I decided to try writing a book, I chose the idea from it—then I had to figure out how to get the characters where they were in my dream, which is the middle of the book.
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