Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christianity Under Fire

Valerie J. Steimle

Over 2 years ago I wrote this for my Heart Thoughts from the Heart column which was food for thought.  It still is as our times have not improved. Hold on to your convictions.......

            From the United Kingdom, we hear some very disturbing news: Christianity is “almost vanquished in the UK.” This report seemed believable but as I read the story, I was astonished to find an attack of Christianity in Great Britain. 

Jesus Christ
            In Times past in Britain, especially in England and Wales, Christianity was used as a “backdrop” to people’s lives and moral decisions where as in the present time the rise of secularism and other non-Christian beliefs has caused basic Christian principles to be ignored by its people. 

            As it was reported by members of several churches in Britain, their society has been demoralized with people seeking transient happiness in alcohol, drugs and pornography as well as a rise in new age and occult practices replacing Christ as something in which young people could trust. This rise in secularism has led their liberal society to be hostile to Christian morals and values in which religious beliefs are viewed as “a private eccentricity.” It was also reported that there are serious tensions between Christians and secularists in which atheists are becoming more vocal and aggressive in society. 

            This is a scary thought for the United States as the UK seems to think that our country is next to feel the effects of this demoralizing attack. That is not possible if we keep our beliefs and churches in the forefront of our lives. We should ask ourselves what is considered too “eccentric” in a society when we try to safeguard what we know to be the backdrop to our moral decisions. 

            Is the basis for the Ten Commandments and a Christian lifestyle wrong in a society? I say it is not. How are we to govern ourselves to be peaceful and upstanding citizens if we don’t have any belief or faith in what we know to be right? Certainly our Constitution should not charge us with every minute detail of our life. That would be detrimental to our freedoms. Governments are formed to govern with laws in secular decisions.  Our belief system in God should govern our lives in moral decisions. If we destroy Christianity from our country, what would be the result in our moral decisions to treat others as we would like to be treated? 

            As the first Amendment of the Constitution has stated, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….  We still have our right to worship however we may, and with our Christian/Judeo belief, should never experience what Britain has over the past five years.

           Our country has always stood for the Christian values of our Forefathers and I hope for our sake, we stand by our moral principles, never to be overcome by secularism.
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