Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Letter To Al Franken

As I was reviewing some of my WORD files--I came upon this letter that I wrote over 3 years ago when Al Fraken "won" the senate position in Minnesota. I found the letter  quite amusing and I remembered that I actually mailed it off to his office because I was so disguised with his cheating .  I wonder what he thought......

August 4, 2009

Dear “Senator” Franken:
  I write weekly editorials for a local paper in Alabama.  Several weeks ago I wrote a piece on the importance of integrity and surprisingly on the same page, a political cartoon was published about you right next to my editorial.

Al Franken
How appropriate I thought this was as I feel that you, among other senators, should review and ponder the importance of integrity in all aspects of life.

As a comedian, you are a funny person and I have enjoyed watching you on Saturday Night Live---but as a Senator, you are no senator.  You basically stole the votes from the other candidate and lied your way through to the Senate floor.

You wrote a nasty book (Rush Limbaugh Is A Big, Fat, Idiot) to belittle another person which, by the way, was all untrue.  By calling other people names, especially in public, shows your true character as one who has no integrity.  So, take a tip from this mother, your mother, and many other mothers trying to teach their children to be honest in life; lying and cheating might get you some where in government but it won’t get you anywhere in the life hereafter.

 Valerie J. Steimle
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