Friday, September 14, 2012

Home Canning 101

Fall has come and our thoughts turn to harvest, garden clean-up and What can I save for the winter? I have the opportunity to teach a class this week on home canning for our Emergency Preparedness Expo in Loxley. There will be many workshops and free information given out on how to prepare for any emergency.  Here is what I will be teaching for those who are far away.  I also included some great links to websites which are very helpful.
Happy Fall Everyone!!
Home Canning: A great way to preserve what you grow in your garden!!!

Tools: Water Bath or Pressure Canner, Lids, rings/bands, jars, butter knife or plastic spatula, lid holder, plastic funnel, paring knife, towels, measuring cups, Recipe ingredients, small pot with water to boil.

Water Bath                  Pressure Canning
Pickles, Relish              Pumpkin/Squash
Pickled vegetables         Corn
Tomatoes                     String Beans
Pears                           Peppers
Peaches                       Meats-Chicken/Fish
Apples                         Most Vegetables
            Online Sources

Points To Remember:
1.   Wash all jars, lids and bands. Boil lids only for 3 minutes.
2.   Always wipe top of jar before placing lid and band on jar.
3.   Always start timing  water bath at rolling boil an inch over jars
4.   Slide butter knife inside jar against glass to remove air bubbles
5.   Never run cold water over hot jars.
6.   Always invert jars to cool over night on towel.
7.   Make sure lids are on “down position” to keep stored on shelf.
8.   Always label jars with date and contents.
9. Remember to follow recipe exactly for correct preserving.

Christie makes the most delicious Pepper Jelly and I wanted to include this recipe for anyone who has a lot of peppers in their garden.  They don't have to be all hot!!  This is so good.
Christie’s Pepper Jelly                
1-1/2 Cups Apple Cider Vinegar   
6-1/2 Cups Sugar                     
5 to 7 cups minced                     
    Hot and Sweet Peppers           
Orange Zest                                
Directions: Add all ingredients to pot and cook for 45 minutes. Have hot pint jars and lids read and pour into jars. Water Bath jars for 10 minutes. Remove and place upside down on towel over night.

My children love this jam.  In the South--we have figs everywhere and this jam is so easy to make.
Valerie’s  Strawberry Fig Jam 
3 Cups Smashed Figs
3 Pkgs. Strawberry Jello-(Smaller Size)
3 Cups Sugar

Directions: Place all ingredients dutch oven pot and stir well.
    Heat to boil and cook 3 minutes stirring occasionally.  Turn off
    heat and pour into hot pint sized jars.Water Bath jars for 10 minutes.  Remove and place upside down on towel overnight.

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