Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Children's Picture Books...

Tina Scott is the mother of 7 children.  She is a grandmother and a teacher.  She is also an author and an artist.  Her years of expertise with children qualifies her to write children's books.  Not only write but illustrate and share charming artwork to match her picture book stories.
Just hot off the presses and great Birthday and Christmas gifts check out Tina Scott's children's books.......

The first book is Coyote's Grand Adventure

  A delightful story about Coyote who wants to experience a grand adventure with Lizard, his friend. This takes place out in the deseret where Tina Scott lives and is very entertaining. 

Click here to purchase Coyote's Grand Adventure

The next book is When I Grow Up
     A wonderful story of children talking about what kind of job they would like to have when they grow up. Cute pictures depicting many different careers with rhyming words which children love. The illustrations are just wonderful and the story is uplifting and positive.

Click here to purchase When I Grow Up

The last book is called Faith Is
    This children's book is faith based for Christianity.  There are pictures of children planting a garden teaching the concept of Faith. You cannot see it but you can feel it and grow it.  A seed planted is the perfect lesson to help children understand faith.
The story along with the pictures help young children understand faith and how faith can help them in different situations.

Click here for purchasing Faith Is.....

 I love these children's books. They are written especially for young children to understand the world around them.  Check them out!!
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