Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Reputation as a "Prepper"

Over the last few months, I have been attending monthly meetings strangely called "Prepper" Meetings.  This new word has come about by those people across the nation who consider themselves prepared.  Like a boy scout, we want to be prepared for any emergency so we stock up on certain items which will help us when the electricity goes out, an horrendous storms comes by or in extreme emergency--the economy/government falls or worse an EMP strike occurs.

Prepper's have interesting reputations.  Some preppers are considered very extreme and some are just wanting to keep stocked up on food. Some are considered armed and dangerous because they are so paranoid--they think the sky will fall at any moment.  Others, like myself, are just wary of being caught without any food or water in an emergency and want to be prepared. We even keep chickens and have our own vegetable gardens.

We come in all shapes and sizes---all walks of life and religions.  It really is a fascinating phenomena. As our country struggles for a better economy and life, those of us who can read the "writing on the wall" will continue to prepare ourselves for the worst.

So each week look in your pantry and make a list of what you need to sustain yourself for three months. Make sure your first aid kit is up to date.  Stash away a few cases of bottled water just in case.  Many people set up rain catching barrels for a constant supply of water. If in your heart you feel the need to have other supplies on hand--go ahead and get them. All hygiene items are in need when an emergency strikes so go ahead and stock up. Better safe than sorry in a difficult situation. Have extra clothes and shoes on hand just in case you can't get them.  Even some items which make you happy are always good to stash away as it has a calming affect such as chocolate or games and toys.

Make a plan with your family in case you are separated when disaster strikes.  This will always save everyone a panic attack if you all agree where to meet or what to do if your family is separated.

I'm a big supporter of neighborhoods banning together for safety. It keeps panic at bay and everyone can help each other. Start a neighborhood prepper meeting and find out how everyone can contribute in an emergency.  I think those living in New Orleans wish they had done so before Katrina stuck.

Being a "Prepper" makes good sense because you never know what might happen when.
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