Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year

The start of a new year and the chance to good in the world!!! I woke up with thoughts for a better year. We'll start this year with a bang as we plan the benefit for The Old Loxley Hotel.  Jim and I are doing great things to remodel that building and it will be a great asset to the community.
The rest of my family is doing great things as well--
Sarah and Drew are moving into a house with 2 acres which includes a horse stable. Sarah is very excited to have chickens, goats and horses.
Naomi and Jon are looking for a new house to move into permanently as they prepare for the birth of their second child.
Isaac and Rebekah will be starting new jobs in a new undisclosed location. More on that later.....
Tasha and Matt are working away at their jobs with Arthur and Sadie in tow.  Tasha should be graduating this coming up year with a bachelor's degree.
Caleb will be finishing his associate degree here in Baldwin County and going off to the military.
Eliot will continue doing great things in Albania and possibly other places as well.
Lydia will be graduating in May and then going off to school in Art Education.
Moses will be on the down side of working towards his Eagle Scout award and decide on a project.
Last but not least---Henry.....he will be working on school and doing what he does best--play board games.
You all have great things to contribute to the world!!!! Have a great year!!!
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