Thursday, September 15, 2011

'No Angel' Has Special Meaning

Reviewing books from writer friends is a special privilege. Reviewing  fictional stories that catch my attention is even better.  Theresa Sneed's debut novel "No Angel" is a special story about a guardian angel who didn't want to be a guardian angel.  Jonathan Stewart had issues.  He was assigned to watch over a special girl on earth but he was counting the days when  he would be released from his "calling".  From the affects of his mysterious past, Jonathan was grumpy and all business.

With a great imagination and some experience with the spirit realm, Theresa Sneed writes an intriguing story which takes many twists and turns. An unexpected adventure into the underworld captivates the reader until the very satisfying end.
As I read this story, it reminded me of my deceased husband so this story has a special meaning for me. Many others apparently have felt the same way as readers are saying it has given them comfort to read about what may happen in the Spirit World.

It's a great read and I'd recommend it to anyone.

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