Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Anniversary--Our Life Together

Today marks three years that Jim and I have been married.  It has been a whirlwind of activity between church callings, work and overseeing the care of all our children. Granted  most of them are on their own but with all that they do and are involved with, we still are busy with one thing or another.

This weekend, Jim's daughter Victoria will be married in the Orlando Temple.  We are excited to go and be there for her and visit with family and friends.  I love weddings. Tomorrow Eliot leaves the country to fly to Albania.  Very exciting.

Today, Jim started a new job.  He is employed by the Orange Beach Wrecking company so he will get to drive a truck as he has wanted to and help people.  He helped one guy today pulling his truck out of the sand.

We have great plans for the future.  Our books will be promoted online more aggressively has we will be upgrading our promotions with Create Space.  We are still working on getting the hotel to remodel it and we are still homeschooling the last three at home.  Lydia will be in her senior year and will start applying to different schools.

The picture shown on the right is our first Mobile Bay Bears Game with the Vaskos and Christiansons.  Mobile has a minor league that plays all the minor league games around the south.   We all had such a great time.  We even got in free because of their special rate.  One Walmart bag of aluminum cans.  The next game we went to, Moses caught a fly ball and both Moses and Henry got Bay Bear Caps to take home.  We had them signed by some of the players.  Fun times!!!
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