Monday, June 27, 2011

Attack of the flies!!!!!

We have been inundated with house flies for the last two day.  There must be hundreds that we kill but they are still returning to drive us batty!!!!  We need more reinforcements in better fly swatters and insecticide.  We'll have to spray the perimeter of the house to keep them away and maybe even put up a sticky fly catcher which I cannot stand but this calls for everything we can get!!!!

I'm setting up a birthday bash in the MTC for Eliot with cake and cards!!!! It will be the week before he leaves the MTC so hopefully it will be fun for all his district!!!!

Lydia was able to attend a Pioneer Trek last week with her stake in Arizona where she is staying with Sarah and Drew.  It was a difficult journey but they had a great time and she will be home on July 11th with a t-shirt and DVD to show us.  Since Mother's Day she has been in Arizona, helping Sarah with Bella and Lael and now baby Rex.  Drew's office is all set up and Caleb is doing very well there too.  There is a receptionist and another girl helping with the laser therapy as Caleb is doing now.
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