Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Light in the River

Pamela K. Wiggins has never written fiction before.  I have read and enjoyed Life in the Family Lane and Breastfeeding: A Mother's Gift, as she is a well respected nurse and lactation specialist.  It was a pleasant surprise to found that Pamela had written a fictional story based on the history of where she lives in Virginia.

Light In The River is a wonderful story of two people living during the time of old plantations and slaves.  One, John Parker a wealthy plantation owner who treats his slaves uncommonly well and the other, Samuel, one of  the young slaves who had endeared himself to John Parker. 

This story spans the life of John Parker and gives great light to the times and culture of that era of both the plantation owner and his family and neighbors and the slaves serving the plantation and their families.  It was fascinating to read the story woven around this area of Virginia taking place before the “War between the States” as well as a few other surprises included in the story. I couldn’t stop reading this very interesting book and I found her narrations of the story very fascinating.

You won’t go wrong reading this delightful story. Here is where you can find her book :


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