Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not Quite Halloween

It's a few days before Halloween and we are doing our normal daily routine. School, work and church. Thursday is the Foley Fall Festival and we will have a booth set up there for our XS Energy Drinks. Friday is party day with three of mine going to two different parties and Saturday is the Ward Trunk or Treat activity with a Spooky Spaghetti dinner. Sounds like fun!!!

Sunday is the actual day of Halloween. I'm not sure if we will have any trick or treaters but I'll be prepared.

I rotate working on three things every day besides homeschool and my callings. First, I write articles for internet websites. Second, I work on getting closer to aquiring the Old Loxley Hotel and Third, I work on Amway sales with XS events. Very busy and satisfying but we seem to be going very slow on Amway sales and the hotel. The article writing is coming along great.

Hoping that one of the TV news stations does a PR interview and tour this week for the old hotel, that will be my kick off to fundraising to get the Old Loxley Hotel remodeled.

Amway sales with XS events is always there. We are always selling so we are hoping it will take off soon. I'm not one to support energy drinks, but this stuff is better than soda.

This will all be a great story when we are past the hard part. Everyone have a great weekend.
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