Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Update on Caleb

This is one of the last pictures taken of Caleb in Mexico. He was very happy there but is now home. We found out last week that part of the difficulties he was having was the fact that he had aluminum poisoning where he was living. The water is the culprit.
We are now starting a process which extracts all the metals in his body while he will also replace them with good minerals he needs.
It was a great relief to me to find that there was something external which affected him which we can physically do something about. He is well on his way to recovery.
My fourth book is now available called Dogs, Blogs and Hobbits: Writings from a Widow's Persepctive. This book is more or less a non-member version of my third book Of One Heart: Being Single in An LDS World. Both Jim and I are planning a book signing at Page and Palette in Fairhope on March 20th during the Arts and Crafts Festival and will be getting interviewed on Channel 5 sometime that week. I'll keep you posted.
In the mean time--it is so cold here, bbrrrrrrrr. Those warmer days will be greatly appreciated.
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